“Darurile Daciei”, cold store 1000 Tonnes in the county of Ungheni

The most recent completed project was the “Darurile Daciei” cold storage. This cold store has the storing capacity of 1000 tons for storing fruit in crates (grapes, plums, etc.) and 1200 tonnes for storage in containers (apples). The warehouse consists of 10 refrigerated rooms for fruit storage; 2 refrigerated rooms for rapid cooling and storage; as well as a sorting and packaging hall. 🌬☘️

🔵 The supply of thermal agent is due to a specialised industrial refrigeration rack system, which consists of 4 semi-hermetic Frascold (Italy) compressors, being equipped with Schneider Electric frequency converter (France), which allows the exact adjustment of the refrigerating capacity and, consequently, obtaining a reduction in electricity consumption by up to 25%.

🔵 Güntner air-coolers (Germany) specialise in fruit storage, being equipped with Carel ERVs (Italy), which also contributes to reducing electricity consumption by up to 15%. The condenser installed were also made by Güntner.

🔵 Last but not least, the warehouse is equipped with monitoring and control systems of the refrigeration equipment, Eliwell brand and Cuoghi air humidifiers, both being produced in Italy.

We are happy to go down in the history of Ecolux with another successful project, as this modern cold store will be an example for the agricultural sector in this country. We are convinced that the “Darurile Daciei” cold storage will be an important center for storing, sorting and packaging fruits in the Western part of this country. 🍎🍇