Castella, the village of Budești.

The ventilation and air conditioning project in the Castella shopping center, in Budești commune, Chisinau municipality, is one of the latest Ecolux projects. 🏪🌬

The air conditioning system consists of four “Duct Inverter” devices, the U-Match range (GREE manufacturer, China) and the distribution system, consisting of ventilation ducts, which were thermally insulated with K-Flex (Italian manufacturer).

The ventilation system consists of two ceiling-type heat recovery units with plate heat exchanger and electric air preheater (manufacturer BVN, Turkey). This process of heat recovery ensures the necessary interior comfort in commercial spaces by reducing additional heating costs.

As commercial premises are located in the mezzanine level, building regulations have required the design, manufacture, assembly, installation and commissioning of a smoke exhaust ventilation system in the event of fire. The centrifugal roof smoke exhaust fan and smoke exhaust dampers (manufacturer Interkondytsioner, Ukraine), are controlled by an automated fire protection system, provide full safety for all visitors to the shopping center.