Refrigeration systems clearing

follow see url 1. Systems clearing after dirty combustion of the compressor
After dirty combustion of the electric motor of the semi-hermetic or hermetic compressor in a refrigerating system there are products of combustion. For their removal we recommend to use special antiacid filters, installed on a sucking line, which removal moisture, an acid, mechanical particles, a varnish.

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enter go to site 2. Systems clearing of a moisture and air
Presence of a moisture and air in refrigeration systems influence negative on the refrigeration systems work. Presence of air in the system raises pressure of forcing, reduces refrigerating capacity of refrigeration systems, and leads to overheat of the electric motor, increase of the energy-absorbing.

go to link At the contact of moisture to the majority of coolants it is formed acid formation connection, which becomes the reason of electromotor combustion build in refrigeration compressor.

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click here The removal of air and moisture from refrigeration systems carry out by vacuum.

Online Tramadol Cod There are two basic ways of vacuum: single and threefold vacuum.

Cheap Tramadol Cod Order Tramadol Australia Single vacuum make when in system the insignificant quantity of pollution has collected. go to link Threefold vacuum apply, if in system there are significant amounts of air and moisture.

Tramadol Online Best Price Vacuum make by special vacuum pumps. The refrigerating compressor is unsuitable for this purpose as it is possible to damage a wrapping of the built in electric motor.

go to link To raise quality of clearing, is used such method, as stuffing of refrigerating system after vacuum by nitrogen.

Tramadol Online Cheapest Installation inflate with nitrogen up to the pressure slightly exceeding atmospheric, for example, on 0,5 bars. A big quantity of nitrogen injected in the system, absorbs without problems the small volume of the moisture which has remained in the system after vacuum. Dry nitrogen becomes damp nitrogen. After that, nitrogen is repressed in an atmosphere. If now again making vacuum in installation, will be removed damp nitrogen from it, and together with it and that part of a moisture which remained in the system after the first vacuum. Such methods carry out three times.


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