Refrigerants are divided into 3 groups

CFC – refrigerants
Possess high ozone depleting activity. This type of refrigerants include: R11, R12, R13, R113, R114, R115, R500, R502, R503, R12B1, R13B1.

HCFC – refrigerants
These are refrigerants with low ozone depleting activity: R21, R22, R141b, R142b, R123, R124.

HFC, FC, HC – refrigerants
These are chlorine-free refrigerants, and they are considered completely ozone safe. Those are refrigerants: R134, R134a, R152a, R143a, R125, R32, R23, R218, R116, RC318, R290, R600, R600a, R717 and others.