Monactiv Ltd. / Logistics Centre “Andy’s Pizza”

Towards the end of the year of 2021, Ecolux presents you with a successful project – equipping the Monactiv Ltd. factory with refrigeration equipment that is specialized in the production & storage of semi-finished products, as well as the storage of fruits & vegetables, for the Andy’s Pizza restaurant chain. 🍕

Overall, Ecolux installed equipment made up of 3 industrial refrigeration racks that supply cold to 31 cold rooms, with as many air-coolers; from the most famous global brands such as BOCK (Germany), GUNTNER (Germany), SWEP (Sweden), CLINT (Italy). 🌬👍

The total refrigerating power provided was more than 400 kW. The temperature in each cold room varies from 0…+4C to -18…-24C.

The refrigeration plant is equipped with SWEP heat recovery units, for heating domestic water used in the production process.