„Fabrica de brînzeturi din Soroca” SA

SC „ECOLUX” SRL mounted the air conditioning unit at the dairy factory „Fabrica de brînzeturi din Soroca” SA for air cooling, drying and filtration of the milk pasterurization area.
The daily temperataure 22C;
Air humidity 55%.

The technical parameters of the air conditioning unit:

-Internal area of the treatment cabinet: inoxidable;
-Rate volume Air flow: 11000 m3/h, 200 Pa;
-Number of air changes: 10 vol/h;
-Rate volume of internal fresh air : 1500 m3/h;
-Air filters: Euro G4, Euro F9;
-Regrigerating power: 80 KW ( -1/48С, R-22)
-Thermic power: 20 KW