Semi-Hermetic Condensing Units GEA

Air-cooled SHG, SHA and SHGZ two-stage condensing units as well as the GEA Plusbox (complete outdoor condensing unit) belong to the product program of semi-hermetic units.

GEA presents you condensing units with a comprehensive range from 5,4 to 122,4 m³/h displacement. In the lower and medium capacity range, the compressors of the Pluscom generation come into use. All GEA units are constructed following a continuous “module“ principle. Models for higher ambient temperatures can be individually assembled on request.

Also a series of modularly built-up outdoor complete condensing unit based on semi-hermetic commercial GEA compressors and condensers. Through the modular building-block principle of the GEA Plusbox, the new condensing unit can be configured according to the individual requirements of the system builder.

GEA offers an expansion of the unit series and includes also two-stage units in its product program.

SHA Condensing Units

SHG Condensing Units

SHG PB Plusbox Condensing Units

SHGZ Condensing Units