Oil Regulation System

A proper management of the oil in a refrigeration system allows to maintain the compressor well-lubricated and to eliminate as much oil as possible from the refrigerant thus ensuring a good heat exchange factor and consequently a good energy efficiency. All OCS COLD oil regulation systems have been designed to ensure oil return to the compressor.

RORR – Oil Receivers

Mounted between the oil separator and the oil level regulators on a dedicated line this pressure vessel ensure a regular distribution of the oil to the compressor. The oil reservoir must be pre-charged with a minimum amount of oil equal to 80% of the total oil charge of the compressor. Particular attention is recommended in the dimensioning of the oil return circuit in order to ensure an efficient equalization.

OS – Oil Separators

This model comes complete with wells for the heating elements.

The following accessories are available separately:

  • Thermostat TX-100
  • Resistance RS-240
  • Electronic Control LEVEL ESA1-110

OSR – Oil separators with oil receivers integrated

The oil separator with integrated oil receiver represent a solution that allows to optimize the space within the system.

OST – Oil Separator from 3,5 to 30 Lt