Standard air coolers

Goedhart FC38S a range of standard, blowing, ceiling coolers for general refrigeration applications. FC38S coolers are supplied with easy excess charge pressure. Standard refrigerant connections attached to the left side of the block, when viewed from the direction of airflow.

air coolers for use in agriculture

The range of a single ceiling discharge Goedhart VNS installed air coolers are designed for use in cooling rooms, working with air temperature ± 0 ° C. The air coolers are particularly well suited for the storage of fruits and vegetables, working with a small D T to prevent product dehydration. The height of the air cooler is low, therefore, the maximum space in the refrigerating chamber can be used.

Specifications (link below):

Goedhart VCI

Goedhart VNS

Goedhart FC38S

Goedhart FC38D

Goedhart FC38L