Central Cooling

Why a refrigeration plant?

The need to provide large refrigeration capacities, increased flexibility, reduced operating costs, reduced energy consumption required the development of central refrigerating compressors operating in parallel.

Advantages of using a power produced by ECOLUX:

  • The possibility of making substantial savings of electricity due to the possibility to adjust the floors thermal power depending on load consumers.
  • High operational reliability even in the event of failure of a compressor due to pregnancy by taking over other compressors.
  • The possibility of repairing a compressor refrigeration plant without stopping total.
  • Programming and advanced monitoring capabilities due command and control panels specifically designed for this purpose, avoiding the possibility of pregnancy vertices and thus reduce energy costs.
  • Spacesaver assembly is encased refrigerating plants can provide isolation system, bunk.
  • For installation and commissioning low against a montage of independent systems.
  • Fast amortization due to reduced energy consumption compared with independent facilities or other solutions such as one practiced large-capacity compressor.
  • Reducing pipeline network, reducing installation costs.
  • Automatic adjustment of refrigeration power needed at a time without human intervention, automatically balancing the oil level in compressors necessary.
  • Balancing the number of operating hours of the compressors to request uniform.
  • Hermetic refrigeration compressors possibility of using semi-hermetic and even in case of large refrigeration powers.
  • The possibility of using heat recovery devices at a much lower cost of production, compared with installations that use a single compressor thus faster amortization of the investment correlated with reduced operating costs.
  • Achieving output levels required for optimum power consumption using frequency regulators, regulators of capacity, electronic expansion valves, refrigerant selection adequate. Can be obtained in this way COP values ​​which ensure a faster payback of the investment and operating costs much lower.
  • Due to the possibility of remote monitoring, many parameters of refrigeration and therefore its consumers, can prevent many situations that can lead to additional operating expenses.
  • The opportunity of the central refrigeration compressors to be additionally equipped with satellite.
  • Satellite compressors can provide a range of powers for both cold evaporating temperatures high, medium or low Use the same capacitor, chassis and manifolds which has a positive impact on costs to the final customer.
  • The possibility of making the bunk refrigerating plants, this is reflected in the total cost of construction and the cost of developing of refrigeration.